The Kristiansand, Norway based band Walking Sign started 8 years back, and has been in an ever changing sound change. The band started as a 5-man pop, rock group, and has over the years changed to an experimental musician/producer collective with original band members together with friends.

The secrets and the sounds of the future are yet unknown, waiting to be heard. We don’t know what the future holds, but believe there is something greater than us with a plan for us and how we use our creative genius.

Walking Sign is not just a band, It’s a fusion of life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and even different tastes in music generes. Through our lyrics, we share some our truest thoughts, knowing our music carries an important message. God is the object of our affection, and we long to bring Glory to His name through our music, and they way we live our lives as a band. The result: Walking Sign